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COVID (please read):

I take your and my health and wellbeing seriously. I take care to conform to the standards set by the Sports Therapy Association by wearing full PPE, cleaning thoroughly at the start of the day, before each client and at the close of business. I also temperature check both myself and my clients. I also ask all clients to wear a mask (please bring your own) or face covering during treatments.

Initial consultations are conducted over the phone prior to commencment of face to face sessions.



Dan is under contract from Sport Wales to provide soft tissue therapy for the Swim Wales athletes in the National Pool in Swansea, including medal winning members of the Welsh Swimming team in the 2018 Commonwealth Games, as well as working with elite athletics competitors at the National Indoor Athletics Centre in Cardiff.


Treatment techniques used in treatment are taken from Sports and Remedial Massage. The aim is to enhance the movement in restricted areas of the body. This has the benefit of increasing freer and more comfortable movement. Home exercises are given in order to maximise the effects of treatment and allow continual improvement between sessions so you are in control of your recovery.

2- 5 sessions is typically enough to see recovery.

45 minutes and costs £35




Sports Massage

Sports Massage is good for:

  • Improved recovery time

  • Reduced soreness

  • Improved muscular relaxation

  • Improved mental attitude

  • Increased range of motion

Sports Massage is a style of massage that incorporates a variety of techniques designed to assist in athletic performance and recovery. It is used by sports and non sports people alike to good effect. Sports Massage can be done in one-off sessions but is most effective as a course of treatments.

Treatment lasts 45 minutes and costs £35




“…immediately saw a huge difference…”