“I was in agony with my neck and shoulder to the point where I couldn’t sleep, contacted Dan who fitted me in quickly I had a few appointments with him and immediately saw a huge difference. Dan also gave me exercises to do and glad to say I can now move freely, sleeping great and almost pain free, a big thank you Dan and I would highly recommend your Services.”

Mark Jukes


“Just had a couple of soft tissue therapy sessions from Dan at his Pontardawe clinic. Can honestly say he is an excellent and detailed soft tissue expert who has cleared my symptoms in just two sessions. Can’t thank Dan enough and will now remain a client of his for both maintenance and symptomatic sessions. Being a Musculoskeletal specialist physiotherapist I am quite particular in who I choose to treat me but can honestly say you will be in excellent hands when under Dan’s care.”

Rachel Jones. Physiotherapist.


“I go to Dan Ba Thein for my Pelvis/ back. Out of all the treatment I have had this is by far the most dramatic change I have seen. In addition to my back he has worked WONDERS on my neck. Really cant recommend enough – so if you live near enough and have the need give him a call”

Tina Castree, Castree Kilns


As a gymnast I can’t afford to be out of training because of injury, Dan has treated me through many injuries meaning that I’ve never had to miss a training session.”

Chloe Weston. 2015 Welsh Champion. National Grade 3


“Dan has been attending our School for a few years completing successfully the full Level 5 Diploma course in Sports and Remedial Massage and continuing his professional development attending quality CPD courses lead by leaders in the field of soft tissue therapy.

As a tutor I realised immediately that Dan’s understanding of the moving body was above his peers, the body just makes sense to him! We often discuss cases and share treatment stories and I find it so refreshing to hear of his careful planned approach which goes beyond the momentaneous relief of symptoms.

Dan invests intensely both financially and personally, in his continual professional development to learn the most up to date and effective treatment approaches which has made him a resourceful practitioner able to address a problem from different angles in order to achieve the most long lasting effective results.”

Anna Maria Mazzieri

Soft tissue Therapist


Director of The Massage Training School and The Massage Clinic


“I have had many sessions with Dan to improve my flexibility in my legs for mixed martial arts. I have noticed a considerable difference since beginning my weekly sessions with Dan. He gave me specific routines that helped with my flexibility. He was always friendly and welcoming during the sessions. He also explained what he was doing and was 100 percent professional every time.”

Brydan Circus Performer


“I have put up with many years of discomfort in my shoulder and back due to muscular imbalances and have sought help from multiple sources, including physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage therapy. I went to see Dan having moved to the area recently and was amazed at the level of skill and knowledge he has about anatomy and treating muscular pain. He spent some time kneading out some of the knots and then worked out the precise muscles that I needed to strengthen and showed me how to do them, which I have persisted with. He tailors his treatments to the needs of each individual client beautifully. I can count on one hand the number of things that have helped with my muscular pain for longer than the duration of the treatment; Dan’s work is definitely one! I work in the healthcare profession myself so I know first hand what it’s like to treat pain, as well as have it myself and I know that it’s a difficult task but with Dan’s help I have noticed a significant improvement – something that years of physio hasn’t done for me. The cherry on the icing is that from the moment I walk through the door to the moment I leave it’s as if I’ve known him for years. Although my advice to everyone regarding pain would be to seek help from a GP first, I would highly recommend Dan to anyone who suffers from muscular pain.”

Dr. Neda Irenji. Junior Doctor.


I saw Dan for a torn rotator cuff. He very patiently tried different approaches until he found what worked. I came away with much greater range of motion than I went in with. Very pleased, thanks Dan!”

Robin Gennario Matheson


“I had an injury at work – I fell badly and Jarred my back. I was OK for the first few days then, gradually, the pain rendered me unable to move. Dan managed to mobilise me then recommended a visit to a McTimoney chiropractor whilst also consulting my GP and a specialist. Sadly, the chiropractor was unable to help and I ended up having to resort to surgery, which didn’t go quite to plan and left me with aching legs and ongoing back pain.

Dan is wonderful and has since helped me through trying times with his manipulations and a series of exercises to do at home. He is thorough, friendly and seems to have “The Touch”. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone with back pain”


Just to say a big thank you for sorting out my frozen shoulder. After my appointment, I had a lot more movement and carried on with my physio exercises, and now its practically back to normal. I would not hesitate in having treatment with you again if I ever need it.”
 Beth Walsh.


” I have known Dan for many years as he has attended most of the ‘John Gibbons Bodymaster Method Courses’ at the Venue based within the University of Oxford. He has been an exceptional student whilst attending the Sports Medicine courses and I feel he has become a great Physical therapist and a personal friend to me over the last few years. I wish him all the best with the clinic.”

John Gibbons BSc (OST), Author, Osteopath and Lecturer


I am a lady of 76 years and in the last four years I have fallen over four times. I have been to numerous practitioners for the pain and discomfort, with no results. Then I was advised to visit Swansea Valley Remedial Massage Clinic. It was the best thing I ever did. I went on and off for some weeks and now my recovery is marvellous. I feel like a new woman. Dan is really good and very patient. Give it a try; you won’t go wrong.”